The Big Diabetes Lie Review

The Big Diabetes Lie is a well-researched, scientifically backed program that is designed to help you fight and manage diabetes on your own. This program has a huge impact on fighting the causes of diabetes instead of merely managing the symptoms, which is usually the case when someone has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. The program consists of a comprehensive manual, which contains various techniques, lifestyle changes and eating habits that are said to go a long way towards improving your health and helping you with your diabetes in a holistic, well-rounded way.

What’s The Big Diabetes Lie?

The Big Diabetes Lie program is a comprehensive guidebook that shows you how to fight diabetes at home using readily available natural products. The program is based entirely on scientific research with most of its information sourced from various reputable scientific magazines from different parts of the world. Boasting over 12 million unique visitors every month, the 7 Step to Health is arguably the world’s most trusted health news website.

Diabetes is a distressing condition that affects millions of people worldwide. As such, a majority of those suffering from the disease do not know that it can be eliminated for good, having been made to believe that they’ll live with it for the rest of their life. So, are you the first in your family to get diagnosed with diabetes or does the condition run in your lineage?

Well, if any of these descriptions fit your bill, here are our good news for you. Diabetes is fixable, and The Big Diabetes Lie is a proof to that. This is a proven program that has been used by tens of thousands who had previously been in the same position as yours but have since transformed their lives for the better.

And now, the program authors aim to reach out to twice as many people as they seek to help more people lead better lives. So, will you be one of them? Remember, this manual has something for everyone regardless of what you eat or the lifestyle you lead.

As mentioned earlier, you’ve probably been convinced that diabetes cannot be cleared and that it will haunt you for as long as you’re alive. As such, the people behind this lie recommend that you keep on taking daily pills and insulin shots that are not only expensive but also come with awful side effects.

The primary objective of the Big Diabetes Lie is to demystify whatever arguments that have been tabled for years by naysayers who spread the lie that diabetes cannot be eliminated from your life. As such, this manual offers you valuable information on the right foods to help you fight type 2 diabetes, essential vitamins your body needs, as well the optimal PH levels to maintain in your body. With the program, you’ll get inspired as you read the numerous success stories narrated by people who have since benefited from it. The program will also touch on cancer which is another condition that has been spreading rapidly in the recent years. This way, you’ll get a comprehensive manual that helps you enhance your overall health.

About The Author

The Big Diabetes Lie is created by a group of scientists and professionals, called ICTM – The International Council for Truth in Medicine. They discovered a method, backed by various research groups and many tests. This method attacks the root cause of the diabetes.

Max Sidorov is the one that assembled everything, achieved by the ICTM researchers and created this manual putting inside everything they have done. And now they want to share the secret with everyone.

What’s Inside the Big Diabetes Lie?

  1. The simple food and lifestyle changes that end the need for insulin injections while normalizing blood sugar.
  2. How you can safely lower your cholesterol levels by 25-30% without using prescription drugs.
  3. How diet soda and other ‘diet’ products actually cause you to gain weight, spike blood sugar and are dangerous for your health.
  4. How a certain food is making your diabetes worse, and has been shown to raise the risk of diabetes in healthy people.
  5. Scientific findings that discovered which foods work nearly two times better than metformin .
  6. The truth about a spice that you probably have in your kitchen cabinet right now and how it increases glucose metabolism.
  7. The step by step instructions you can use today that have been shown to eliminate neuropathy pain.
  8. The mechanism behind cancer cells and how you can lower your chance of getting cancer by removing this one thing from your diet.
  9. The reason why most people are always hungry, and the simple step you can take to reduce your food cravings.
  10. How high fructose corn syrup HFCS is making you gain weight and causing serious health detriments and why you need to avoid this sugar for your own good.
  11. Which foods and additives are causing thyroid imbalance and how you can easily improve your thyroid function by adding this mineral to your diet.
  12. Learn the 7 easy steps to perfect health, the culmination of all the research, studies, data, and thousands of testimonials into an easy, simple and complete step by step solution to kick your diabetes butt for good.

Here are just a few bits of the information that you are about to find out in The Big Diabetes Lie Program.

How The Big Diabetes Lie Works?

Over the years, conventional doctors and health specialists have convinced us that diabetes can only be managed using insulin shots and drugs. However, they failed to mention that these types of medications only treat the symptoms and does little towards getting to the root cause of the disease. So, whenever you take these medications, no significant change occurs as far as the state of your diabetes is concerned- in fact, these meds only make you feel safer. As such, you continue experiencing symptoms time and again which makes you overly reliant on insulin shots and drugs for temporary relief.

After discovering this tactic used by pharmaceuticals, a group of scientists at ICTM decided to look for an alternative method that would offer better results in treating diabetes. While at it, they discovered a shocking body process in which your pancreas gets torn thereby disrupting metabolism and consequently triggering diabetes. If your body is suffering from some sort of nutrients deficiency when this process takes place, chances are high that you’ll end up developing diabetes and will not manage to control its spread.

Other researchers from the University of California also sought to find out the reason for the high prevalence of various conditions such as neuropathy, high cholesterol, heart problems, blindness, and cancer among diabetics. In their findings, inflammation was blamed to be the key causal agent of these conditions. They found out that a tiny inflammatory molecule known as LTB4 enhances a body’s resistance to insulin. What follows is a rise in blood sugar which finally breaks out to become diabetes. So, in order to stop any development of diabetes, the right approach is to find answers to what causes this inflammation first before dealing with it. As such, trying to fight the inflammatory molecule often proves ineffective and thus a wrong approach towards solving the problem.

Final Words

7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie helped thousands of people who already reversed type 2 diabetes problem. With thousands of positive feedbacks, there is nothing to worry when purchasing this program.

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